Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Break from the Past

Maybe it's just midlife crisis or maybe I've just gotten old enough and wise enough to not care about the accumulation of shit and status. Whatever it is, it is time to make a clean break from everything; house, wife, family, church, job. Just say, "Fuck it!" to the whole pile of obligations that never seem to end, never seem to relent for five seconds. I'm not asking for a life of leisure, but rather a life where at least once in a great while, somebody, somewhere does something for me just because they want to show they give a shit about me. Or at least allow me to do something for myself without nagging me about how my time and resources could be better spent meeting your needs and wants.

Anyway, this will be a record of my new life. I know you want to know. Everyone does. Always remember the first motivation of a blogger (according to Scott Adams): the world needs more of ME!! So that's what you will get here; all me all the time.


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