Monday, May 22, 2006

The Weaker Sex

Women wonder why men just want to fuck them and leave. It's not that men have commitment issues, it's that a man should be committed if he volunteers for this sort of treatment. Not all women are like this, but if I'm single, why would I risk my sanity as well as my wallet on the off chance that my little snuggle bunny isn't? As most of this sort of attitude is the result of university "education," one way for a man to increase the odds of not hooking up with a psycho is to go for young women who have never stepped foot on a college campus. Not that this is any sort of a guarantee, as primary and secondary education becomes ever-more politicized and hostile to male children.

Or just stay single. It's cheap, easy, and, thanks to the sexual revolution, men can have all the commitment-free sex they want.


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