Thursday, July 27, 2006

Biking News

You can just skip this. Like before, I'm only doing this to keep track of how much time I actually spend in the saddle vs. how much time I'd like to think I spend in the saddle. Anyway, this is a catch up post because I have been riding pretty routinely for a couple weeks now and just not recording it. I've been trying to seriously work on getting at least into some sort of shape other than sloppy fat. In three months, I go from sitting on my ass in front of a keyboard to working outside in the high Arizona desert at 3,000-foot elevation. Getting winded walking up the stairs to my fifth floor cubicle ain't gonna cut it. In addition to time on the bike, I've been doing the Five Tibetan Rites, which is just some isometric exercises layered with a lot of talk of vortexes and chakras. When I started them, it didn't seem like they did much, but now that I've been at it for a couple weeks, I can feel the difference. They seem to do a good job of loosening up your back, shoulders, legs, etc. At the least, they will certainly do no harm. If I keep increasing the reps at my current rate, I should be at the maximum (21) by the time we arrive at Arcosanti.

To keep from driving away what few readers I have left, I'll only post once a week or so.

Wednesday, July 12 - approx 2 miles.
Thursday, July 13 - approx 2 miles.
Friday, July 14 - approx 2 miles.
Saturday, July 15 - 5.5 miles.
Sunday, July 16 - scheduled day off.
Monday, July 17 - thunderstorms.
Tuesday, July 18 - 5.5 miles.
Wednesday, July 19 - 5.5 miles.
Thursday, July 20 - 5.5 miles.
Friday, July 21 - Beach Bums Baseball!!!!
Saturday, July 22 - 10 miles.
Sunday, July 23 - scheduled day off.
Monday, July 24 - 5.5 miles.
Tuesday, July 25 - 5.5 miles.
Wednesday, July 26 - 5.5 miles.


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Job!
Care for a companion while riding?

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Justa Drifter said...

If you think you can keep up ;-) Wednesday, I averaged over 9 miles per hour over the entire ride.

(Actually, I don't normally ride that fast, but I got a late start and it was starting to get pretty dark.)


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