Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brain Dead

The heat must be getting to me. I think this is the longest that I have gone without posting since starting this blog. In any case, this is going to be a mixed bag and really doesn't have a coherent point. Again, I blame the heat.

Just to get it into writing, here's the last week's worth of bike time:

Thursday, July 27 - 5.5 miles
Friday, July 28 - Beach Bums Baseball!!!!
Saturday, July 29 - approximately 7 miles (tried for 10 miles, but ran out of daylight)
Sunday, July 30 - scheduled day off
Monday, August 1 - Black Flag Day (temp of 108, humidity 60-70%)
Tuesday, August 2 - Black Flag Day (temp of 101, humidity 60-70%)

Fred Reed is talking about his childhood again. I wasn't quite the Tom Sawyer he was as I had a mother with an irrational fear of guns and my access to non-urban areas was limited to vacation jaunts to northern Michigan. But I had friends with BB guns when young and .22's when only slightly older. And, as anyone with half a brain knows, having a friend with something is pretty much the same as having it yourself. We got a kick out of setting gun powder on fire, but quickly moved on to black powder when it proved more interesting. (If you don't know, modern "smokeless" gun powder puts on a nice little fireworks display, sort of like a big sparkler. Black powder goes BANG with lots of smoke, orange flames, and a nice rotten-egg smell as a finisher.) Sheer luck kept us all with the proper number of appendages. And no, I have never told my mother. Some things you just keep to yourself.

Other than that, nothing has really caught my attention. Jews and Arabs are still killing each other, but that is hardly news. The cowardly sand niggers continue to hide weapons in residential areas, which Israel then bombs. CNN plays its idiot-savant role and shows endless footage of bleeding and dead Arab children. Funny how their cameras seem to be unable to photograph bleeding and dead Jewish children. Of course they would have to look much harder as the sand niggers can't seem to shoot straight. This too is presented as evidence of evil on the part of the Jews; unlike the Arabs, they only miss targets by feet rather than miles.


Maybe if gasoline hits $4 a gallon we will get serious about alternative fuels. And I don't mean blue-sky, 20-years-from-now-if-we-are-lucky bullshit like hydrogen. I mean things we can do right now like turning turkey guts into oil and vegetable oil into diesel, followed by things we can have on-line shortly from now like a few dozen megawatt nuclear power plants, better batteries, better solar panels, X-prizes for cheap, reliable access to space, solar power satellites, and so on. I'm betting the money we have poured into the sands of Iraq would have made a damn good start on many of those items, and even a crash space access/space construction program with all the safeties off wouldn't have cost 2,500 lives and counting. Then the middle east would be someone else's problem, as it should be. Then we could get back to the business of getting filthy rich instead of beggaring ourselves with ruinous taxes to benefit people who provably hate us.

What else?

Oh yea, work sucks ass, but you already knew that. It gets worse every day, and knowing that I am a short-timer just makes it worse. I left yesterday completely pissed off at what turned out to be an honest mistake rather than actual interdepartmental bullshit, but my immediate assumption that it was bullshit is simply because it has been nothing but bullshit around here ever since the Bitch Queen from Hell and her cunt licker "joined the team." Ah well, it will all be over soon enough.

OK, I've inflicted enough rambling shit on the world.


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