Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Obvious IQ/Job Mismatch

Any time you work in an office environment, you find people whose IQ is deficient for them to do their job. Usually, they compensate for it by being very nice people to have around, or they are just good with bullshit, which fools no one other than managers (google "The Peter Principle" for why this is). But apparently, things work a little differently in the print media where everyone takes pride in openly displaying their stupidity to millions. If that were the extent of it, we could just all laugh and treat the Wall Street Journal like Cracked magazine, only printed on cheaper paper. Unfortunately, the majority seem to think these are some sort of enlightened individuals leading us to the promised land.


You can either pretend that bright light in the sky isn't significant, or you can become small and fast.

Speaking of which, 95% of my worldly possessions will go on the auction block on September 22nd. The auctioneer has been told that we will not be taking anything back home and to sell at any price. With what we have so far, we should clear an easy grand or so after fees.


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