Monday, November 07, 2005

Religion is Stupid

I can say that religion is stupid with utmost confidence, because for my entire life, I have followed it. Participated in it, immersed myself in it, studied it at Christian school and college, propagated it to our young people. And now I have abandoned it. I still have some deistic notions floating around in my head, but they are not firmly attached. I expect full-blown agnosticism to eventually take root.

According to the church I attend, I will burn in the hottest place in hell, because somewhere in the Bible it says that it will be worse for those that knew The Truth (tm) and walked away than for those that never believed. So be it. If God is so small that my heresy shakes the foundations of Christendom, then he isn't anyone I'm interested in anyway.

If God ever wants me back, he can start by finding a better class of people for spokesmen. I have no idea who Bridget Maher is or what the Family Research Council is, but from their public statements, I don't ever want to know. Yea, Bridget, you self-righteous bitch; I'm sure you are speaking with the love of Jesus when you condemn 3,700 women a year to death. People like you are why I'm gone. People like you are why 80-90% of all kids growing up in evangelical churches are gone. "Culture of Life" my hairy white ass.


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