Monday, December 26, 2005

There Truely Is Nothing New Under The Sun

The Discovery Institute constantly shops Intelligent Design as a radical new idea. It is not. The Cutest Biologist on Earth shows just how old ID is, and that it was just as easily refuted then as now. It has to be genetic. There is no other explaination for how a percentage of the population can hold to a widely discredited idea for centuries. Many people are just ignorant, in the true meaning of that word. I know I was. The question of origins just wasn't important enought for me to spend time researching it. I was too busy going to college, getting drunk, trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to get laid, working dead-end food service jobs; important stuff. But as soon as I took the time to look at facts, the truth was obvious. How people as educated as Behe or Dembski can believe the shit they say is beyond me. Or they say all that shit about God just as a way to fleece the gullible.

The money quote:
The Discovery Institute tries to play this as an “academic freedom” issue: that by criticizing ID, we’re scientific “McCarthyites”. So, where is *our* academic freedom to say that we feel ID is a load of garbage? No one has said Gonzalez shouldn’t be able to research ID, should he actually manage to find some way to do so. No one has said he can’t believe in it. No one has questioned his credentials as an astronomer. What has been said is that we don’t believe that ID is suitable for teaching in science classes, and that ID “theory” is intellectually vacuous. It’s a dead end. ID proponents have repeatedly said it’s not a theory of mechanism, so even once it has been established that something has “been designed,” there’s no way to determine *how* it was designed; and it’s a question of theology, not science, to ask “why” The Designer created it that way.
Until the Discovery Institute starts spending some portion of its $7 million-a-year budget on actual research that leads to something useful, even if it's just a question that leads to additional research, ID is not science. Period. Full Stop. Saying that does not violate anyone's academic freedom. If the ID "scientists" want to silence their critics, then get your fat asses in the lab and do some fucking work!!

Yes, I do feel better now. Thanks for asking.


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