Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random Spew

I probably should break this up into multiple posts with meaningful headings, but I'm too damn lazy to bother. Anyone that has a problem with it can volunteer to do my posting for me.

And yes, I'm slightly pissy due to Christmas roaring down on me like a fucking out-of-control freight train.

I watched Heaven last night on one of the networks (don't really know or care which one). The biggest thing against it was that it was Barbara Walters doing most of the talking with her uppity, east-coast, better-than-everyone-else, nasal drone. I was also pissed that the most interesting idea, research into a gene that makes people more prone to religious fanaticism, got such short shrift. Good mental filler while I did an essentially mindless task, but nothing to jump up and down about. In other words, pretty much what the networks have been giving us for decades.

Vox Day bangs out a couple on marriage. This is important for women to understand; it isn't just about the sex, but sex is more important than pretty much everything else. I can forgive a woman for being a hideous cook, an overly-permissive parent, or for leaving the house in squalor as long as I get shagged on a routine basis. Remember women, men have lots of options that don't include you.

Vox also scores a hit on feminism's basic tenent: that men and women are equal. They are not. Failing to meet unrealistic expectations results in contempt. This shouldn't be news to anyone, but it seems to be beyond the comprehension of the average feminist.

And last but not least, KipEsquire explains the priorities of churches. Organized Christianity lost sight of its original reason for existence less than a century after its inception. Now it's just all about the money.


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