Monday, June 05, 2006

More Baby Steps

Friday was a bad day. First, I was late for work. That in itself isn't really a big deal, but the reason for being late was. A month ago, I traded my monster-sized Silverado 3500 in for a more-manageable-sized Durango. As I expected, I was not able to transfer my license plate because Michigan has different number/letter schemes for different classes of vehicles. The dealership filled out the paperwork for the new plate and stuck a temporary tag in the back window. The plate never showed up. I visited the friendly local DMV and was given a lot of blah blah about why it hadn't shown up. Six forms later, I was told I was all set and the new plate should be coming in the mail. Which of course it didn't. So Friday (a month after purchasing the vehicle) I was back at the DMV. The bottom line was that I ended up paying to stand there while the bitch behind the counter repeatedly called me a liar. It was all I could do to not punch the bitch dead in the face. For the rest of the day, every encounter with another human was a confrontation. Those encounters were surprisingly rare, probably due to the huge I-don't-give-a-fuck-so-you-better-get-the-hell-out-of-my-way sign I was wearing, which is likely the only reason I am blogging today instead of giving Bubba a blow job. I managed to get home without killing anyone, although I may have run a couple old people into the ditch. Once home, the vodka helped a great deal.

That was when I decided I need to get the hell out of here. Now. Not someday. Fucking Now!!! I spent Friday sending out requests for letters of reference, etc. I even have a date: My last day working at Munson Medical Center will be Friday, August 25, 2006. I get my last check September 1 and head for the high desert.

The rest of my weekend was relatively uneventful. I did a couple graduation open houses on Saturday, followed by not stepping foot outside the house from 6pm Saturday until I left for work at 7am this morning. For most of that time, my only human contact was a TV screen.

Now that's living.


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