Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Racism Is Alive and Well

Would someone please explain to me why this isn't racism? The national media is "surprised" by a black Republican? Why is that any different than me being "surprised" by a black that isn't lazy? Or a black that isn't on welfare? Or a black with an IQ over 90? Or a black that doesn't steal? A black man cannot be a Republican candidate without becoming the focus of the media as some sort of freak? Worse, he can't break from the Democratic plantation without having Hillary, Bill, Sharpton, and Jesse "The Impregnator" Jackson bringing down a rain of shit on his head? What is this fucking shit, anyway? Why is the media not only letting these ass-clowns get away this, but participating in it?

And these same mother fuckers call me a racist because I believe blacks should be treated equally instead of as some sort of protected, privileged class. Remind me again why I should treat any of these assholes with anything other than complete and utter contempt?


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