Friday, August 04, 2006

Global Warming My Ass

This month's National Geographic magazine's cover story is "No End in Sight: Killer Hurricanes". Maybe they would like to re-think their position? Of course, in one respect they are correct; hurricanes and other severe weather events have been common occurrences for billions of years. I'm "predicting" that they are likely to continue for at least a few more. Duh. But of course, National Geographic can't stop with this logical statement:
The North Atlantic hurricane nursery, responding to a natural climate cycle, is experiencing a baby boom that isn't expected to end for a decade or more.

They absolutely must tack on the pseudo-science for the benefit of the luney tree-huggers in the very next sentence:
And behind it all lurks the grim possibility that global warming is making these storms stronger.

That's right, National Geographic. Never pass up an opportunity to push your global warming crap.

Sweet Jesus.

Of course, not only is the Killer Hurricane Season of 2006 a no-show, the current heat wave is proving to be a disappointment as well.

It's tough being the champion of a failed theory.


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