Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lessons from the House of Saud

Just to make my position clear right up front, I hate everything that Saudi Arabia stands for, practices, believes in, and embraces as a world view. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if we simply cannot resist using our wonderful military to kick ass in random countries, I can think of no better place to do that than in the heart of Wahhabi Islam. Use the country as a testing ground for every military tactic and piece of military hardware, up to and including nukes; all the while raping everything of value including every last drop of oil, then pulling out and leaving whoever is left to literally pound (radioactive) sand up their asses.

In other words, I'm not exactly fond of the Saudi's.


After my experiences today, I may have to concede they have a point in not allowing women to drive. Today, I went out on my lunch hour to run some errands. In the space of 60 minutes, I was nearly killed three times by women drivers; one with a cell phone stuck in her ear blowing through traffic and pedestrians leaving a trail of chaos and obscene gestures in her wake. The other two were Mom's. You've all seen these breeders in their 6,000-pound vehicles, wandering from lane to lane, blowing through red lights, and making abrupt, random changes in speed, all while they parcel out the belly-bombs and grease fries into the up-turned mouths in the back seat with one hand, and shoving the same into their own face with the other.

Here is a very serious question: I know the NTSB and its ilk have traffic fatality data that you can slice and dice in a hundred different ways. Does anyone want to bet that "gender of the at-fault driver" is not one of them? If it was, would anyone care to make a bet what the results of such a comparison would look like?


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