Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Location Update

Changed my location to Arcosanti in Mayer, Arizona. Been here a few nights and there are a lot of things to like, some things I don't really care for. But on the whole, it is a definite improvement. The best part is finally getting back to the high desert after being away for 35 years. Even if living at Arcosanti is a pain in the ass in every other way, the location alone is worth it. And you don't have to shovel sunshine. Right now, it is sunny and the temperature will be near 80 degrees this afternoon. The site is perfect in every way right down to a nice afternoon breeze that every structure is designed to funnel through the living spaces to blow out the warm stale air just before bedtime.

One thing I've noticed; I don't know if it is the altitude, the quiet, or what, but I have been sleeping 10 or 12 hours a night. I never sleep more than 6 or 8 normally. Maybe my body is just trying to make up for the last several years of chronic sleep deprivation. Or maybe it's part of the adjustment to living at high altitude. I hope it isn't permanent. I'd hate to just be trading the time I'm saving not driving to work for time in bed asleep.

Anyway, I'm taking pictures at a furious rate, but I haven't really had time to sort through and get them in shape to load up onto my pathetic, neglected Flickr account. Maybe I can get to it someday if I can stay up past 8pm.


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