Sunday, November 26, 2006

Die Heretic Scum!!

A heretic visited Arcosanti today. He had the balls to suggest that if the way Arco has been run in the past has resulted in essentially stasis for 20 years, maybe something different should be tried. At least management had the decency to just show him the door rather than burning him at the stake.

The longer I'm here, the more this place reminds me of a the fundamentalist church I used to be a part of. Mainly, the bull-headed insistence that things must be done as they have been done in the past even if it means driving the whole fucking show off a cliff. At least here, I'm not responsible for anything more demanding than deciding if I use a 6-penny or an 8-penny nail to fix something. The most fun I've been having is pretending complete ignorance no matter what. Last week, the department I work for went out to cut firewood. When I was asked if I had ever used a chainsaw, I just shrugged and mumbled "once or twice." I actually owned the exact same chainsaw that Arco has, and I've been cutting firewood since I was twelve. But I figure it's better to let them think I'm completely ignorant of everything, and just an exceptionally fast learner.

Playing with people is so much fun. Of course, I'm immensely enjoying not giving a shit as well. If things don't work out here, I'm sure I can find some little island in the tropics to crash on.

Well, so much for now. I'll try to post more consistently, but don't bet on it.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous MZ said...

Scott Adams quote:
I attribute my excellent performance to the fact that I have astonishingly low standards for just about everything that doesn’t directly affect my health. My plan for happiness was to set the bar low and clear it by a mile. It was a formula that worked so well that I considered turning it into a self-help book.


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