Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Mentally Unbalanced

My employer just stated that I am mentally unbalanced, a danger to myself and my co-workers. I received an e-mail late yesterday that I (and everyone else in the IS department) would be required to attend a violence prevention workshop.

That in and of itself would not be bad, but coming as it does on a year's worth of policy changes (all favor the organization and, in some way, cost employees), it just confirms my decision to be done with this place. I won't even have to quit. All I have to do is refuse to attend the workshops, and I will be fired. Sweet. The world is full of jobs; I have no need or desire to put up with any more bullshit from this place.

Here is the list of changes in just the last year:
Employees are no longer allowed to work from home.
Flex time eliminated.
On-call pay eliminated.
Overtime pay eliminated.
Work loads dramatically increased.

Interspersed in each of these policy changes have been constant requests for me to justify my existence to management. Like any of the retards in management would have a clue what it is I do, even if I spelled it out for them.

Now I'm told I have an anger problem. Really? Ya think?


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