Monday, December 12, 2005

The Assclowns Circle the Wagons

The more that comes out about the Mirecki beating, the more sordid it sounds. For one, it looks like the police were either actively involved or at least sympathetic to the cowards that jumped and beat Mirecki. I'm old enough to remember a time when the police were the good guys. That is no longer true. You have to assume that if it wears a uniform, it is a prick.

[Aside: I was in a comedy club with some coworkers and our significant other's. One was married to a cop. The comedian told the old joke about how you tell a cop car from a cactus (the cactus has the pricks on the outside). We all laughed a lot more than the joke warranted, which lead the comic to ask if there were any cops in the audience. We all yelled, "Yea!" and pointed him out. Everyone was laughing, except the cop who sat there all pissy for the rest of the night. At that point in my life, I still entertained the notion that the police were on the good guys' side, so I was a little more than somewhat annoyed at his attitude. I mean, I have to listen to geek jokes all day; every blond woman I know (other than the sexless drones I work for) can reel off blond jokes for hours; my Polish relatives know all the latest and best Pollack jokes. Who the hell does this asshole think he is? Well, I have since become a lot wiser: he thinks he is God, Jesus Christ, and Luke Skywalker all rolled into one.]

In any case, like the recent Air Marshall shooting, this is looking more and more like a cover-up.


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