Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was told many years ago (I have no idea if this is even true, but it is one of those things that if it isn't true, it ought to be) that the Chinese ideogram for "trouble" was two women standing under one roof. I am living that ideogram.

I've mentioned in previous posts how at different times I have been at odds with one or the other of my female co-inhabitants. But I just realized something yesterday: If I am having problems with female number 1, female number 2 is happy and life is great. If I have some disagreement with female number 2, female number 1 gets so over-joyed that she wets herself. I swear there is some genetic predisposition for women to get into a bitch-fest anytime they are in a room together for more than five minutes. And it is never over something important. Guys will fight with each other if the stakes are high enough: personal safety, sex, the greatest football team of all time. You know; important stuff. And when it's over, it's over and everyone goes out for a beer. But women fight over the stupidest things you can imagine, like who did dishes how many times this week. Kee-rist almighty. Dishes are something I worry about only if everything in the house is dirty, all the paper plates are used up, and the dog gets tired of sharing. Further, it never ends. Something could have happened or been said six months ago, a year ago, or yesterday; it's all the same. But the worst part is how utterly heartless a woman can be. This has been the most eye-opening part of the last year. I actually think my wife would be happy to see N committed to a mental institution or thrown in jail. This has disturbed me more than I can express, as well as solidified my long-term plans for this year.

Speaking of which, more baby steps today; I applied for a P.O. Box near where I work. Once I have that, I will open a bank account and get a credit card in my name without worrying about statements showing up at my house. Then I can start building an emergency fund completely out of site of the other residents of my house. It's pretty sad when you have to resort to this sort of bullshit.


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