Thursday, February 09, 2006

Still More Women at Work

Yesterday, my job completely went down the shitter. Up until now, I actually enjoyed most of the actual work I did. It was just the senseless administrivia and the useless asshole managers in IS that bugged me. Well, yesterday I found out what my new responsibilities will be as the Department Liaison to Accounting. It boils down to me being a fucking over-priced secretary. I should start dressing in drag. Yet another brilliant idea from the minds of our new Pussies-on-Parade female managers and the men attached to the cocks they suck. So far this week, this has burned two days of my time and looks to only get worse.

I just became the worst employee on the planet. At least I have internet access so I can post bitchy blogs and read shit jokes on other people's blogs.

And I just got a call from the garage. This week's repairs to my plow truck will cost $1,500.



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