Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Burning Bridges Part II

Had it out with my immediate supervisor Tuesday. Of course nothing was resolved. I sent my co-workers the following e-mail using our GroupWise system (meaning it can be read by the psycho GroupWise administrator; at least I hope she is reading this):
Most of you asked me to keep you updated, so here it is. I had a meeting with BossMan on Tuesday. Big surprise; my e-mail was the topic for most of the hour+ I was in his office.

The bottom line is pretty much what we've been hearing all along. The take-aways were necessary, everybody sacrificed, blah blah blah. The take-aways that just cost us money, but didn't save anything for Munson (flex time, work at home) were so unfair because everyone couldn't take advantage, blah blah blah. No one disrespects our group; we are recognized as valuable members of IS, blah blah blah. We are all on the same team/one big happy family/a single IS department blah blah blah. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Short version: get back in your box and shut up.

Oh, and no corrective action was taken against me at this time, but BossMan is going to "kick my name up to K and R" [department directors] and let them decide what to do to me for skipping out on anger management. It seems my own manager isn't "empowered" to handle a minor disciplinary issue; he has to push it off on two people higher up the food chain, one of whom isn't even in my upline. Of course that whole chain-of-command thing doesn't seem to apply to R. She's allowed to bust anyone's chops for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

Whatever (shrug).

One action item: BossMan pointed out that he can't fix what he doesn't know about. So I say, tell him. If anyone has had problems with anyone in R's group, give him all the gory details. If anyone attempts, or has recently attempted, to drop work on your desk without clearing it with BossMan first, let him know. And further, if making a fuss results in any sort of retaliation, tell him and he promises to take immediate action.

He asked for it; I say we give 'em both barrels. Besides, there really isn't a downside. If there is a real desire to reform the IS department, this will move things along. If it's just BS, then the sooner the bluff is called, the better.

Lock and load.
Now I just sit back and wait to see whether or not my co-workers are a bunch of pussies. I'm betting they are. Good thing I don't give a fuck about my job. I'm also looking forward to any meetings with K and R. K isn't really a problem other than he doesn't do much. He's about one year from retirement, so he just doesn't give a fuck. But R is a complete bitch that uses blowjobs to keep her position. It's not even that she is useless; she is a negative, she is anti-work. As long as she is fucking the CIO, I don't have any illusions that she would ever be fired, but I can make damn sure that she is fully aware that everyone in IS knows the score. If that gets me fired, then so fucking what.


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