Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Death Throes of Intelligent Design

The Panda's Thumb has two articles that show the degenerate state of Intelligent Design as a political movement. In the first, we have the director of the Vatican Observatory, Jesuit Father George V. Coyne, saying that ID "belittles God." Funny, but that's what all those liberal, humanistic, atheistic, communist, baby-killing, homosexual, smelly scientists have been saying for years. Of course, we are talking about those deviant Roman Catholics that worship the anti-christ pope and leave Jesus hanging on a cross. Everyone knows they will burn in hell. Just ask any member of a fundamentalist church.

The second documents one of the funniest things I've seen from the ID movement in five years. After endlessly, monotonously, ridiculing biologists for believing in common descent, DaveScott (Dembski's lackey that took over his blog, ironically titled Uncommon Descent, after Dembski grew tired of having his every word refuted) now says that anyone who refutes common descent will be banned. It seems that common descent, the focus of creationist and ID attacks for most of my life, is now just obvious. If you listen closely, you can hear the big tent slowly collapsing, smothering everyone underneath. Or so we can hope.

The best way to make stupid people look stupid is give them a microphone, then just stand back and watch. Here we have a good example of an entire political movement being snuffed out by a lone lunatic.


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