Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back to Normal

Whatever was preventing me from posting from work seems to have fixed itself. Good thing; I almost had to do some work.

Xandros is working pretty well so far. I've been having the occasional application hang for no apparent reason, so I was doing my usual questioning why I was putting myself through the hassle when my nephew stuck his head through the door to ask if I knew how to get rid of some Windows virus. He wanted to do a quick test of the cable modem to make sure all was well, but didn't bother to set up the router first. In less than a half hour, he was infected. We now have the router set up (even running Xandros, I wasn't about to plug my PC directly into the cable modem) but with the virus already on his PC, the router would do little or nothing to protect my PC if I were running Windows. I can live with a few glitches if I don't have to reformat my hard drive once a week. Xandros will be good enough until I can afford an Apple. I only run Firefox and Limewire anyway, although I have been looking for some decent music library software. I'll also grab a copy of Gimp at some point for working with the photos from the digital camera. I would like to find something more light-weight, but Gimp will do if I can't find anything else.


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