Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sorry for shouting, but I am back on the web and running on a Charter Cable connection. Damn this is sweet!

I'm also running on Xandros Version 3 Deluxe. I'm not sure what the "Deluxe" was but I paid extra for it! Yea, baby! I'm a consumer!

Anyway, this is the second attempt at using Xandros. Last time I tried to install too many applications in an attempt to re-create my Windows install. I won't be making that mistake again. This machine has to do two things: run a web browser and play MP3 files. If I can find some sort of on-line MP3 library where I can store everything and play it whenever I want to, I'll only need the web browser.

Sorry for the long pause in posting; the last week has been just crazy busy with me moving, N going off to Europe, getting utilities and internet at my new place, car repairs, car purchase (I traded the massive Chevy 3500 for a much more agile Dodge Durango), and on and on and on. Then to top it all off, some screw-up on my PC at work has shut me out of posting on Blogger. Can you believe that shit? Why do these assholes think I keep this shitty job in the first place other than to use their high-speed internet connection to blog and look at really nice titties!!

Anyway, more when I have some time. Right now, I have a huge back-log of tits and ass I have to look at!!


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