Friday, May 05, 2006

More Stupid People at Work

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the Queen Bitch Director with the "montly" IS newsletter attached. That's right: a person at the director level not only cannot spell and/or type the word "monthly" correctly, but is also too stupid to spell check her e-mail before sending it to the entire IS department. But wait! There's more!

The first two-thirds of the newsletter was a lot of useless shit including a blurb about our brand new IS Employee Pride Board, which is where employees are encouraged to post pictures of themselves or family members doing something to be proud of, or some such thing. Anyway, it was described as "really neat." Gee wilikers, Buffy; isn't it just keen?!?! Anyway, buried at the bottom of the newsletter was a bit about how IS had been dinged by the hospital's outside auditors, and that management had already responded. Only one problem: our managers are completely clueless about the details of the applications we support. That's not a criticism; the sixteen people in my section of IS support something like 400 applications. It is impossible for our manager to even recognize the names of all the applications we support. What I am critical of is my manager answering specific problems about the applications that a co-worker and I support without even running it by us. All that was set up for the following e-mail exchange between myself and said co-worker:


FYI - [External auditors] audit findings. [Application] referenced twice. Interesting that management responded without asking us anything (in case either the finding or response was inaccurate). Nothing like being respected and included.

My response:

Yep. But it's ok; Mommy R [Queen Bitch Director] and Daddy J [our PHB] are taking good care of us. No need to worry yourself about really hard things like an audit. Just keep working on your time sheet and trouble tickets and leave the thinking to the adults. And remember to smile, because smiling counts for 80% of your grade!

BTW, I'm having a slip-n-slide installed in my cubicle next week. You wanna come over and play? Mommy R will have cupcakes and ice cream for us!! We can take pictures and put them on the IS Employee Pride Board! Wouldn't that be "really neat?!?!"


Would someone remind me why I'm still here? Oh yea; to make money to pay for a big expensive house I don't live in.

montly newsletter

I wonder if it would help if the Spell Check button took up half her screen?

(double sigh)

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the john trying to flush myself down the toilet.
I felt better, and it made my co-worker laugh as well. Damn, this summer can't go by fast enough.


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