Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Designer God

Over at the Panda's Thumb, an article took up the issue of God/The Designer leaving a message for us. The question was asked, "If you designed a universe, wouldn't you want to leave a message inside?"

The response:
When I was a kid, I had an ant farm. It was a fascinating little world, but I never felt the need to try to communicate with the ants.

Doesn’t it seem like a being smart and powerful enough to create an entire universe would probably have very precious little to talk to us about. Even today, much less 3000 years ago.

God: “I dabbled with an entirely new method of superstring formation in a distant galaxy today, what did you do?”

Man: “I disemboweled a goat, and splashed its blood on a fire to please you. Then I foretold the future by looking at its intestines.”

God: “What?”

Man: “And then we went to the afternoon crucifixions. Good double matinee today, heathens and masturbators.”

God: “Right. Well, I’ve got to go create some new worlds now…”

Man: “OK, we’ll just be here circumcising ourselves till you get back!”

I wish I could be both that funny and that spot on about religious belief.


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