Friday, December 29, 2006

Shit and Cellphones

I know there are people out there that don't like their cell phone companies, but this one was over the top. We've been having a run of plugged toilets lately. It must be the food the cafe is serving or something. In any case, the toilet in the public bathroom plugged up earlier this week. One of the maintenance guys gave it a good snaking, and all seemed well, until it plugged up again the next day. This time the snake was hitting something solid, which meant either someone had literally shit a brick, or we had a FOIT (foreign object in toilet). The toilet was drained and removed from the floor flange. Sure as shit (in this case, literally). There was a cellphone wedged into the S-trap.

As funny as that was, the epilogue to the story is even funnier. Or maybe tragic. When we were in the cafe and mentioned that we had just dug a cell phone out of the men's room toilet, some bright person piped up with "Oh yea; some kid dropped his cell phone in the toilet Tuesday." The entire maintenance department responded in unison, "And you didn't think to tell us that little tidbit either time the toilet plugged up?!?!" Did I mention this person is the head of one of the departments here? Sweet Jesus. No wonder these people have been at it for 30 years and have almost nothing to show for it.


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