Friday, November 11, 2005

Religion is Stupid, Part II

Pat Robertson is once again proving that religion causes brain damage. Thanks, Pat, for confirming what most of us already knew. You are an ass, everyone who supports you financially is an ass, and any church that does not denounce you in plain language from the pulpit deserves the fate you have "called down" on Dover.

My pet theory is that Robertson is actually a closet atheist (and homosexual, of course). His original plan several decades ago, was to destroy Christianity from the inside. He would work himself into a position of trust, then make a series of public statements that were a) completely consistent with Christian theology, and b) so stupid on their face that every person with an IQ north of 75 would bust out laughing and never darken the door of a church again.

But there is one thing Pat didn't count on: the sheer stupidity of the average church-goer. He now finds himself trapped in an institution that worships the very ground he walks on. Rather than destroying the church, he has become its second-favorite idol (money holds the top spot). He continues to spew increasingly ridiculous statements that, instead of causing the faithful to question, result in funds and adulation pouring into his "ministry."

Anybody have a better theory?


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