Friday, January 27, 2006

The Big Bag of Bear Fat was Duped

It seems Oprah has finally sensed which way the wind was blowing and took a massive shit on James Frey. Of course, Frey won't be giving any of his millions back anytime soon. Just a couple notes to James and Oprah, both of whom read this blog religiously:

Oprah: you provably don't care about truth, you care about money. You saw (a little late in my judgment) that Frey had become a dead weight that could only hurt you, and cut his life line. Make all the apologies and justifications you think necessary to convince your below-normal-IQ viewers to keep watching you and buying the shit you recommend, but don't think you are fooling anyone on the right half of the bell curve. Dumping Frey was a financial decision, not a moral one.

Frey: You are a nobody. You have always been a nobody and you always will be a nobody (although now you are a nobody that, with Oprah's help, duped the below-average-IQ segment of the population out of a couple million bucks). You didn't invent your "tough-guy image" as a "coping mechanism" for your alcohol and drug addiction. You invented it to compensate for the fact that you are, and always will be, insignificant. So take your millions and enjoy the rest of your insignificant life someplace where the rest of us do not have to see you or listen to your damn sniveling.


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