Friday, January 27, 2006

More Women at Work

Yesterday, I got an e-mail that outlined the new employee evaluation method for my department. In the past, we have been scored in three areas: technical skills which makes up 25% of your total score, goals for another 25%, and behavior for the remaining 50%. I've always considered it to be kind of stupid that in an technical department, competence only counts for 1/4 of my score, with another 1/4 being tied to competence (your ability to get work done). But now we have a whole new category called Teamwork and Customer Focus that will be 40% of our overall score, with the existing categories being knocked down to 20% each. So I can be completely incompetent and never meet any of my goals and still score high enough to get a pretty good raise as long as I show up on time, don't stab anyone, and be nice to people. Sorry, but I'll take a complete dick with good technical skills over someone who is incompetent and nice any day of the week.

And just where did this giant brain fart come from? Why our new women managers, of course. And our wonderful CIO who is getting blow jobs from one of them. Trixie is right about that: a guy will do almost any stupid or embarrassing thing as long as you ask him immediately after you blow him. Who else other than a perpetual mother that views their employees as children would downgrade technical skills and the ability to get actual work done in favor of "Plays Nice with Others"?

Fucking retards.

At least it doesn't look like I will be here much longer. About five minutes after I posted yesterday, I got an e-mail from my new boss (my old one was so disgusted with the rest of the management team that he took a voluntarily demotion along with a sizable pay cut just to get away from them) asking me why I hadn't attended one of the anger management classes. I plan on telling him, which will probably get me fired (YES!!!). If I can knock off two New Years resolutions before the end of January, I will be one happy puppy.


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