Friday, January 27, 2006

What Women Want

Yea. Like I would know. Like I even care anymore.

But I can observe, and much of what I have observed is in the comments to this post from a while back. In those comments, I mention that maybe it's just the women I know, and what I have personally observed doesn't hold true in general. This, however, would seem to indicate that I am not the victim of some sort of observer bias. It may very well be that similar backgrounds are in play here; Vox and I both have fairly extensive histories of serious religious involvement. Both of us are from working-class families. Maybe it's one or both of those. Maybe it's something else entirely.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's real. Maybe women are being betrayed by their biology; a mating strategy that made sense 10,000 years ago, but consistently betrays them in modern society. Why not? I'm fat because my body craves calorie-dense foods in anticipation of a) hard physical work and b) more than a couple hours before I have the opportunity to stuff my pie-hole again. Combined that with the fact that I am a lazy shit that would rather sit in front of a TV and plow through a bag of chips instead of going for a walk or finish building the house I live in, and you have Fat Ass City.



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