Wednesday, November 16, 2005

To Hell With Family, Let's Make Money!!

The opinionista describes better than I ever could exactly where we went off the rails 40 years ago. Everyone over the age of 30 complains endlessly about how selfish and greedy teens are today. I would submit that they are merely imitating their elders. Men that put wealth ahead of all else used to be pariahs (Ebenezer Scrooge being the obvious fictional stereotype), but are now treated like minor celebrities (Donald Trump, as one example). We all have to keep running on the hamster wheel 24-7 or the gears of human progress will grind to a halt.

Well, I bought into all that, although not nearly as fully as many of my peers have. Except now I'm stepping off the hamster wheel. If everything goes as planned, New Year's Day 2006 will find me unemployed. After that, I have no intention of spending another minute in a cube farm. I will sell, give away, or toss everything but the bare necessities, including the Money Pit I live in. After that, I have no idea what comes next, other than I won't be doing what I have been for the last 20 years.


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