Monday, April 10, 2006

Movin' on Up

It ain't exactly a "deluxe apartment in the sky," but it is on the east side of town. That's right; let the drifting begin. I'm out of the house, and the house is on the market. If we can find a buyer for a unfinished, owner-built, off-grid log house on a seasonal road with a spare $400K, I am on easy street. At that point, there will be nothing holding me here. In a few months, that streak that shoots by you will be my large, hairy, wobbly ass getting the fuck out of this shit hole.

I don't have a computer available, and our work machines are all crippled thanks to our reliance on Microsoft's bug-ridden, last-generation browser, so this will be the only update until Uncle Bill fixes his shit-ware.


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