Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lessons from the House of Saud

Just to make my position clear right up front, I hate everything that Saudi Arabia stands for, practices, believes in, and embraces as a world view. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if we simply cannot resist using our wonderful military to kick ass in random countries, I can think of no better place to do that than in the heart of Wahhabi Islam. Use the country as a testing ground for every military tactic and piece of military hardware, up to and including nukes; all the while raping everything of value including every last drop of oil, then pulling out and leaving whoever is left to literally pound (radioactive) sand up their asses.

In other words, I'm not exactly fond of the Saudi's.


After my experiences today, I may have to concede they have a point in not allowing women to drive. Today, I went out on my lunch hour to run some errands. In the space of 60 minutes, I was nearly killed three times by women drivers; one with a cell phone stuck in her ear blowing through traffic and pedestrians leaving a trail of chaos and obscene gestures in her wake. The other two were Mom's. You've all seen these breeders in their 6,000-pound vehicles, wandering from lane to lane, blowing through red lights, and making abrupt, random changes in speed, all while they parcel out the belly-bombs and grease fries into the up-turned mouths in the back seat with one hand, and shoving the same into their own face with the other.

Here is a very serious question: I know the NTSB and its ilk have traffic fatality data that you can slice and dice in a hundred different ways. Does anyone want to bet that "gender of the at-fault driver" is not one of them? If it was, would anyone care to make a bet what the results of such a comparison would look like?

Quick Update

Sorry for the gap in posting, but I've been busy unloading my worldly goods. It's going pretty well so far, but there is just so much shit to go through. At least 20% of it, I have no recollection of buying or receiving as a gift. It's like the stuff is breeding in the dark corners of my closets.

Anyway, I'm going to try to post something more informative tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just use more cuss words.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Obvious IQ/Job Mismatch

Any time you work in an office environment, you find people whose IQ is deficient for them to do their job. Usually, they compensate for it by being very nice people to have around, or they are just good with bullshit, which fools no one other than managers (google "The Peter Principle" for why this is). But apparently, things work a little differently in the print media where everyone takes pride in openly displaying their stupidity to millions. If that were the extent of it, we could just all laugh and treat the Wall Street Journal like Cracked magazine, only printed on cheaper paper. Unfortunately, the majority seem to think these are some sort of enlightened individuals leading us to the promised land.


You can either pretend that bright light in the sky isn't significant, or you can become small and fast.

Speaking of which, 95% of my worldly possessions will go on the auction block on September 22nd. The auctioneer has been told that we will not be taking anything back home and to sell at any price. With what we have so far, we should clear an easy grand or so after fees.

Why Women Are Unsuited to Work Outside The Home

Hey, don't bitch at me. Go bitch at Scott Adams. It's not my fault that no male in all the history of humanity has started a bitch-fest about a thermostat setting.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Speaking of Radical Feminists...

Then we have shit like this. I would laugh at someone that thought hugging and mutilating a pig corpse was art, except that I paid for it. At least with the new job, I won't be paying any federal taxes. You have to have income to be required to pay taxes, at least for now. I hear Congress wants to change that so they have more money to give to feminist animal mutilators.

Fred on Radical Feminists. Again.

I can find nothing to disagree with here:
A feminist sees men exactly as anti-Semites see Jews. This is because she is an anti-Semite—the same template, the same bottle but with different wine. She has a more hair-trigger anger (“Men are sexist pigs”) because she can get away with it, a more bellicose incivility for the same reason, but the same (watch, and see whether I am right) lack of humor, obsessiveness, and the characteristic basing of her personality on the hatred.
I've been asking since I was in high school in the 1970's: Why is "All men are sexist pigs" perfectly acceptable, but "All niggers steal" not acceptable? I didn't get it when I was 14, and I still don't get it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Onion Takes on Wikipedia

Wikipedia represents in a way not seen anywhere else what is good and bad about the web. You have in once place some of the best information available anywhere right along side sheer stupidity with no indication of which is which, and all of it defaced by random vandalism. I love Wikipedia, but extreme caution is in order. And, of course, The Onion just can't resist such an easy target.

JonBenet In The News Again

Ten years after what has to rank as the worst-run murder investigation in U.S. history, there has been an arrest for the murder of JonBenet. He may well turn out to be yet-another sicko that has become obsessed with this case (note his ex-wife's claim that he was in another state the day of the murder, and was a JonBenet fanboy when this was a hot story), but I doubt it will be long before we know, once he is state-side. Unless the police managed to botch the handling of the DNA evidence "found beneath JonBenet's fingernails and inside her underwear" (don't think about that second one too much...), there should be a definitive answer soon. Not that anything will do much good for little JonBenet or her dead mother lying in an unmarked grave. It would just be nice to know what happened and that the perv responsible was buried in a dungeon somewhere.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Hat Trick

Kip does it again:

"Afghan" -- It's Not Just Rugs and Dogs Anymore
Town Shuts Down "Nightcrawler Kid"
Warrantless Wiretapping: More Abuse of U.K. Plot

And remember, despair is a sin.

Our PC Media

This sounds very similar to efforts by the media to blame everything under the sun for the Columbine shootings other than the painfully obvious targeting of openly Evangelical students. Or it's just another tinfoil-hat internet article.

Of course, we must not scare the sheep. They might do something drastic like stop buying worthless shit at Wal-Mart.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mourning Ma Bell

Jerry Pournelle takes Judge Green to task here and here. Based on my dealings with Verizon, the unregulated monopoly telephone service here in Northern Michigan, I can only agree. At least with Ma Bell, we had Bell Laboratories. If you don't know why that particular institution was important, I'll give you a hint: you wouldn't be reading this without it.

I was going to write something about the new airline "security" measures, but that second link leads to a much better analysis of the situation than I could ever come up with. For me, the radius of what I will drive vs. fly just expanded out to infinity. The only reason I would get on a plane now is logistics (the need to drive one way and fly back, or visa versa) or to get home to a dying relative. And even then, driving would be faster for any distance less than 1,000 miles or so. Maybe farther. I can drive a long ways in the eight to nine hours people are standing in "security" lines.

We don't really need a passenger airline industry, do we?

Monday, August 14, 2006

MIT Takes On Energy

I blogged previously about what we should be doing instead of blowing up sand niggers in Iraq. Once again, I find myself in the company of some individuals that probably qualify as above-average intelligence.

Now just imagine what these guys could do with all the money we have poured into the sands of Iraq.

Morals? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Morals!

I love how the same people that insist that there are no moral absolutes, only social constructs, act surprised when people under their teaching act on what they have been taught and construct their own morality. High school girls were balled by high school guys. So now lets do violence to the English language and label the girls "victims" (even though the acts were consensual) and the guys "criminals" (who are not, other than possibly one school employee).

The slow suicide of Western Civilization continues....

AAAAAAAUUUGH!! No Internet!!

Three whole days without internet access, hence no blogging. I feel like a coke addict in rehab.

The days are dragging by; calendar watching has begun in earnest: Five weeks, four days, three hours and 16 minutes to go. (Not that I'm counting or anything.) Then it is only a few weeks after that until this dump is just a fading mirage in my rear-view mirror.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Bat Shit

Dad Gone Mad describes his latest bout of insanity. I have to confess I have never stood on the dining room table in nothing but boxers and socks belting out Canada's national anthem, but I have been known to perform the Five Tibetan Rites in nothing but a thong in the middle of the kitchen floor (the only rug in the house; the ass gets a little sore doing that shit on hardwood). I should take some shots of that and put them up on Flickr. The world needs more pictures of a fat, hairy man in a thong contorting himself into odd positions.

And you're welcome.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Real Men and Women

I'm linking to this without comment. Other than ROTFLMAO.

One of the comments echoes something I've been saying since the 1970's: women's lib has done nothing but breed three generations of uber-sluts wandering around in bars with their tits showing through their shirts and their asses peaking out from under their mini-skirts, getting trashed and giving commitment-free sex to anything with a penis.

You've come a long way, baby.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Global Warming My Ass

This month's National Geographic magazine's cover story is "No End in Sight: Killer Hurricanes". Maybe they would like to re-think their position? Of course, in one respect they are correct; hurricanes and other severe weather events have been common occurrences for billions of years. I'm "predicting" that they are likely to continue for at least a few more. Duh. But of course, National Geographic can't stop with this logical statement:
The North Atlantic hurricane nursery, responding to a natural climate cycle, is experiencing a baby boom that isn't expected to end for a decade or more.

They absolutely must tack on the pseudo-science for the benefit of the luney tree-huggers in the very next sentence:
And behind it all lurks the grim possibility that global warming is making these storms stronger.

That's right, National Geographic. Never pass up an opportunity to push your global warming crap.

Sweet Jesus.

Of course, not only is the Killer Hurricane Season of 2006 a no-show, the current heat wave is proving to be a disappointment as well.

It's tough being the champion of a failed theory.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beeotch Take-Down

Ann Coulter gets metaphorically spanked. I'd pay to see the real thing.

I love this stuff:

She (Coulter) has claimed that the Bible is her favorite book, she is rumored to go to church, and on the cover of Godless you see a cross dangling tantalizingly in her decolletage. But could anybody who absorbed the Sermon on the Mount write, as she does of Richard Dawkins, "I defy any of my coreligionists to tell me they do not laugh at the idea of Dawkins burning in hell"?
Christians are all about love and compassion, until they decide they don't like you, or don't like something you said or something you believe. Thank you, Ann, for demonstrating once again that the truth of Christianity is a very different thing than the rhetoric one hears in Sunday School.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Michigan Goes Down the Shitter

Looks like we are getting out of here just in time.

GM, the world's largest automaker, said its sales fell 22.2 percent, with trucks falling 31.2 percent and cars inching down 2.7 percent.

At Ford, sales of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles fell 35.2 percent. Truck sales tumbled 44.8 percent, while cars slipped 6.7 percent. Sales of F-Series pickup trucks, long the country's best-selling vehicle and the company's most important vehicle, shot down 45.6 percent.

DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group said its sales fell 37.4 percent, with truck sales off 40 percent and car sales off 23.5 percent.
Keep in mind that the U.S. automakers lose money every time they sell a car. If truck sales tank, they are in serious trouble, even if they can convince people to buy more cars. It helps that the Big Three are basically finance and insurance companies that use cars as a loss-leader, but if they have to keep slashing prices just to move inventory, even the money they make in the back office won't save them.

Brain Dead

The heat must be getting to me. I think this is the longest that I have gone without posting since starting this blog. In any case, this is going to be a mixed bag and really doesn't have a coherent point. Again, I blame the heat.

Just to get it into writing, here's the last week's worth of bike time:

Thursday, July 27 - 5.5 miles
Friday, July 28 - Beach Bums Baseball!!!!
Saturday, July 29 - approximately 7 miles (tried for 10 miles, but ran out of daylight)
Sunday, July 30 - scheduled day off
Monday, August 1 - Black Flag Day (temp of 108, humidity 60-70%)
Tuesday, August 2 - Black Flag Day (temp of 101, humidity 60-70%)

Fred Reed is talking about his childhood again. I wasn't quite the Tom Sawyer he was as I had a mother with an irrational fear of guns and my access to non-urban areas was limited to vacation jaunts to northern Michigan. But I had friends with BB guns when young and .22's when only slightly older. And, as anyone with half a brain knows, having a friend with something is pretty much the same as having it yourself. We got a kick out of setting gun powder on fire, but quickly moved on to black powder when it proved more interesting. (If you don't know, modern "smokeless" gun powder puts on a nice little fireworks display, sort of like a big sparkler. Black powder goes BANG with lots of smoke, orange flames, and a nice rotten-egg smell as a finisher.) Sheer luck kept us all with the proper number of appendages. And no, I have never told my mother. Some things you just keep to yourself.

Other than that, nothing has really caught my attention. Jews and Arabs are still killing each other, but that is hardly news. The cowardly sand niggers continue to hide weapons in residential areas, which Israel then bombs. CNN plays its idiot-savant role and shows endless footage of bleeding and dead Arab children. Funny how their cameras seem to be unable to photograph bleeding and dead Jewish children. Of course they would have to look much harder as the sand niggers can't seem to shoot straight. This too is presented as evidence of evil on the part of the Jews; unlike the Arabs, they only miss targets by feet rather than miles.


Maybe if gasoline hits $4 a gallon we will get serious about alternative fuels. And I don't mean blue-sky, 20-years-from-now-if-we-are-lucky bullshit like hydrogen. I mean things we can do right now like turning turkey guts into oil and vegetable oil into diesel, followed by things we can have on-line shortly from now like a few dozen megawatt nuclear power plants, better batteries, better solar panels, X-prizes for cheap, reliable access to space, solar power satellites, and so on. I'm betting the money we have poured into the sands of Iraq would have made a damn good start on many of those items, and even a crash space access/space construction program with all the safeties off wouldn't have cost 2,500 lives and counting. Then the middle east would be someone else's problem, as it should be. Then we could get back to the business of getting filthy rich instead of beggaring ourselves with ruinous taxes to benefit people who provably hate us.

What else?

Oh yea, work sucks ass, but you already knew that. It gets worse every day, and knowing that I am a short-timer just makes it worse. I left yesterday completely pissed off at what turned out to be an honest mistake rather than actual interdepartmental bullshit, but my immediate assumption that it was bullshit is simply because it has been nothing but bullshit around here ever since the Bitch Queen from Hell and her cunt licker "joined the team." Ah well, it will all be over soon enough.

OK, I've inflicted enough rambling shit on the world.